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June 20 Astoria to St. Helen’s, Oregon

I feel like I’m back in Scandinavia again.  Astoria is fast preparing for the Midsummer Festival and flying Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian flags up and down Main Street.  We biked past Suomi Hall, the Finnish fraternal organization.  Then we … Continue reading

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June 19 – Pacific Dip.

I reset the odometer to zero and thought, “let the fun begin”. What we’re doing here doesn’t seem so extraordinary.  It’s a basic American road trip.  Instead of using mules or horses or oxen or covered wagons or trains or … Continue reading

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June 18. Ready to rock and roll.

After 1,444 miles of driving and 2 ½ books on tape, we arrived in Astoria, Oregon about an hour ahead of schedule.  We drove almost seven hours today and never saw the sun — just rain and wind and 57º temperatures. … Continue reading

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June 17 – Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon

Drove into Riverton, Wyoming on the evening of the 16th with the winds blowing at about 60 miles per hour.  Steve asked a store clerk if this were normal.  The response: “Sure. It’s Wyoming.”  Got up early today and hit … Continue reading

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June 16… and we begin…with $25,000.

The bike riding doesn’t begin until Sunday, but my biking buddy, Steve Berthe, and I are leaving today to drive from Denver to Astoria, Oregon, the starting point for the trip. We’ll arrive in Astoria on Saturday, ready to dip … Continue reading

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June 10 – 9 days to go. Trail Ridge Tune-Up.

I was wondering if my legs were ready for big mountain passes, so I decided to test them out on Trail Ridge Road.  Trail Ridge connects Estes Park to Grand Lake — about 50 miles (80 km) — by cutting … Continue reading

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June 7 – 12 days to go. Lookout! It’s a mountain.

I decided to add some longer, steeper hills to my training rides so I headed to Lookout Mountain just west of Golden, Colorado.  It’s 18 miles (29 km) from my front door to the foot of the hill and then … Continue reading

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June 6 – 13 days to go. Sweating like granny in front of a death panel.

Since the last post, Suellen and I took a week off to go to New York City to see our friends Jeff & Mary Kay and to meet some Swedish friends Eva, Anders and Karin and, of course, to see … Continue reading

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