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March 31 – 80 days to go

Big winds today so I decided to stay inside and work the kettlebells with my trainer, Alison Eichten. Mainly worked on core exercises. For instance, take the plank position and then lift and move a kettlebell with one hand while … Continue reading

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March 30 – 81 days to go

Serious cross-training day — starting with an hour of power yoga. I almost got the crow position right.  Followed up with an hour of weight lifting — arms and upper body.  Then pilates to get my core stronger so I … Continue reading

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Too skinny?

The ride across America is one of the most challenging physical activities I’ve ever undertaken.  So I started working out last September — giving myself plenty of time to get in shape.  I also shifted my diet — eating more … Continue reading

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March 29 – 82 days to go

My legs feel dead after all the weight lifting yesterday.  Good thing it’s a rest day.  Took a long walk with Bella, met with one of my communication clients, and took in a good show at the Denver Art Museum.

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Napping Buddy

I don’t know if it’s the MS or if I’m just getting old but I need a nap every day.  A 20-minute nap is just enough to shake off that sinking feeling and give me a fresh burst of energy. … Continue reading

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March 28 — 83 days to go

Snow day — did an hour of yoga, an hour of weight lifting and pilates, and 45 minutes on the spinning bike at 24 mph.  Now to walk the dog for a couple of miles. Suellen has book club tonight … Continue reading

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Day 0 – June 19 – Astoria, Oregon

We’ll spend our first day zipping around Astoria, Oregon on the Pacific coast. Astoria, about to celebrate its 200th anniversary, is one of the oldest American cities in the Pacific Northwest.  Named after John Jacob Astor, it was originally a … Continue reading

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Training – How to climb stairs

If you’re right handed, the right side of your body is probably a bit stronger than the left side.  For a cross-country bike ride, this can be a problem.  Your left leg is weaker and tends to tire out more … Continue reading

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March 27 — 84 days to go

I wanted to watch the college basketball tournament so I went to the gym rather than riding outside.  I spent 65 minutes on the spinning bicycle at an average speed of 24 miles per hour.  I burned ~900 calories and … Continue reading

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Travis bikes America… for MS

I’m 61.  I have multiple sclerosis.  I’m going to bike across America. I’m doing this because I love America and to raise as much money as I can for MS research.  I hope you’ll follow my progress.  I also hope … Continue reading

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