The Bike

I’ll be riding a Serotta Fierte road bike this summer. Serotta is a high-end American bike made in Saratoga Springs, New York. It’s probably best known for custom-built bikes and many people (including Suellen) have made-to-measure Serottas.

I chose the off-the-shelf Fierte model several years ago because it fit me so well.  There’s something about the Serotta geometry that suits me just right. The Fierte has a steel frame (as opposed to aluminum or titanium) which I think gives a better, more shock absorbent ride.

The bike’s drive train is a Shimano Ultegra with a triple chain ring in front and nine gears in the back.  That gives me 27 different gear combinations.  I like to ride at a steady RPM rather than a steady speed, pedaling at about 80 rpm.  To maintain a consistent pedaling rhythm I change gears frequently.  With 27 gears, I can usually find just the right gear to keep my pedals turning at 80 rpm.

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  1. cornelia says:

    Thank you Travis and everyone else that fights the good fight……

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