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This web site is all about my big adventure of bicycling across the United States.  The trip is a big deal in my life and I thought it deserved a web site of its own.  In my more humdrum existence, I also try to hold down a job as a communications consultant.  My company, Travis White Communications, helps train people and organizations how to communicate more persuasively.  If you’d like to check out my work, please visit my other web site:

Each Wednesday, I publish a new Persuasive Communication Tip of the Week – a brief video (less than 4 minutes) that provides a practical suggestion for improving your communication skills.  We have about 50 such videos on the web site.  Here’s an example:

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3 Responses to TW Communications

  1. Wyatte DeLoache says:

    Travis, I think you were our counselor at the U of D during summer school there way back in 1970. I saw an item about your cross country ride in the U of D magazine. Hope the MS is not too uncomfortable for you
    I never did graduate from the U of D; I fooled around for a while, and then went into the Navy. Wound up spending 23 years in, and finished my bachelor’s degree while in the service. I now work for Booz Allen Hamilton in the Baltimore/Wash DC area as a technical consultant. Married 38 years, 2 daughters, and three grandkids.
    So is Suellen the same Sue from way back then?
    All the best,

  2. Patricia Russell says:

    Travis, just today I read about your bike run in the University of Delaware Messenger. I remembered you from my days at UofD and went to the website hoping to find where you were on your route, only to find that you had completed your trip just a few weeks ago. Congratulations! You look pretty much the same except for the long hair! And exceptionally fit!

    I worked on The Review. And just to prove that I know you, I will reveal your first name. Grover.

    I will have fun reading about your journey and your life. The pics look great, and you have criss-crossed some areas where I lived and spent some time. I’m going to follow this up with a donation for MS awareness and wish you all the best. Pat Russell, former copy editor of The Review, now living in Nashville

  3. Jeana Dressel says:

    Travis, my man, I was thrilled to read about you in the Messenger and sorry that the bike ride was over when I read about it since I couldn’t cheer you on. I was happy to contribute to MS research due to your ride. I hope you look me up in Facebook so we can make contact. That you’ve been able to do such a bike ride with MS tells me that it’s not taken control over your life at this point and I’m glad for it. I watched some of the video and you’re a mature version of that guy that worked with me on 2nd Street in Wilmington. That was some of the most meaningful learning of my college years. Well done, Travis. Jeana

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