Travis bikes America… for MS

I’m 61.  I have multiple sclerosis.  I’m going to bike across America.

I’m doing this because I love America and to raise as much money as I can for MS research.  I hope you’ll follow my progress.  I also hope you’ll help me — and everyone who has MS — by donating as much as you can.  You can make a donation by going to my fund raising page under the “Donate” tab on the menu above.  Once you arrive at the fund raising page, please use the “Make A Donation” button under my picture

You can also follow me on Twitter at: @TravisBikeGuy


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6 Responses to Travis bikes America… for MS

  1. Stretch Converse says:

    I have known Travis for sometime now. I love what he is doing and he needs all of are help. So dig deep and give what you can give anything will help!! God Bless Travis and be carefull in your ride.

  2. KK says:

    TW….My dad made a donation to your trip across America in honor of Fran & Grover!!! Wish I was local so I could attend your party!! Have a Blast….

  3. Mom says:

    Love reading your accounts of each day. I like your descriptions of what you see along the way. Then I marvel at your ability to make this ride. Glad you are enjoying the ride and the people with you,

  4. Stephen Sparn says:

    Back to back Centuries. You are amazing…..! Next year the TDF.

    I would love to eat the amounts of past that you can eat.

  5. Stephen Sparn says:


  6. David Hornung says:

    Travis … it was such a pleasure to meet you and your wife this past weekend … just donated to your cause … you are an inspiration because of your stamina and determination to see this trip through to the end. I hope that our Wisconsin hospitality (a relaxing evening on Lake DeNeveu with hills, flora and fawna) always keeps a pleasant memory in your heart. Also enjoyed the ride with you on Sunday morning. Wished I could only go all the rest of the groups way. We will meet again my friend. Happy Trails …

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