Too skinny?

The ride across America is one of the most challenging physical activities I’ve ever undertaken.  So I started working out last September — giving myself plenty of time to get in shape.  I also shifted my diet — eating more fruits, vegetables, fish, and grains and fewer big steaks and fries.  The result?  I lost about a pound a week for 20 weeks or so.  I look better and I have a lot more energy.

The problem is that my trainer, Alison Eichten, says I’m too skinny.  The body burns carbohydrates first and — when it runs out of carbs — starts to burn fat.  Alison says that I won’t be able to eat enough carbs on those long, long days on the bike so I need to have some fat reserves to fall back on.  She’s telling me now that I need to gain ten pounds (4.5 kilos).  So it’s back to the steak frites!

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