April 9 – 71 days to go – Myofascial self-release

Myofascial self-release sounds like it ought to be illegal but it’s actually an important treatment for cross-country cycling.  Remember the IT bands?  They’re a fascia — a bundle of fibers connecting the hips to the knee.  (The Latin root for “fascia” means a bundle, as in a bundle of sticks.  It’s the root word for “fascist” whose symbol was a bundle of firewood.)  When the fascia get tight, you need to release them.  I often do this with  cross-footed toe touch.  Put your left foot just to the right of your right foot, then bend over and touch your toes.  Then reverse your feet and do it again.  You can also do this by rolling on a foam roller — as in the picture. Like voting in Chicago, you should do it early and often.

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