July 27 Mt. Pleasant to Birch Run, Michigan

Quick.  Which state has more ski resorts: Michigan or Colorado?

Today was a grind-it-out kind of day. Yesterday, we were all motivated by the challenge of a 113-mile ride.  Today, on the other hand, was an average day at best.  Our legs were tired from yesterday and there was nothing special about today’s ride to give us a boost. The wind didn’t help us today.  Nor were there any spiffy attractions — like a Corn Palace or Canada — to spice up our day.  We saw more corn, more soybeans, and more perfectly coiffed lawns — just like yesterday.  We all just wanted to git ‘er done.

On the other hand, we did see a wide variety of perfectly lovely wildflowers today.  We saw honeysuckle, forget-me-nots, Jacob’s ladder, Indian paintbrush, Michigan lilies, purple loosestrife, periwinkle, Queen Ann’s lace, primrose, and hollyhocks.  It was quite a show.

So, can we talk about money for a moment?  My goal is to raise $10 a mile on this trip, or $36,670.  You’ve been quite generous and I’ve now raised over $29,000.  (The MS web site says $25,000 but you’ve contributed some $4,000 in checks that don’t get counted on the web site).  So, I have $8,000 to go and a little less than two weeks.  The publicity we’ve generated has certainly helped but I need to reach a wider audience.  So, let me ask you a favor.  Would each of you forward a link to this web site (travisbikesamerica.com) to anyone you know who is affected by MS?  That will widen the circle and help me get over the hump.  Thanks for your help.

Michigan has 39 ski resorts.  Colorado has 25.  Yikes!

Day’s distance: 74.4 miles (119.7 km)
Average speed: 15.4 mph (24.8 kph)
Day’s climb: 625 feet (190.5 meters)
Total distance: 2,858.3 miles (4,599.9 km)

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